Our plugin uses aggregated review forms for collection of reviews about multiple products at once. These forms offer a simplified user interface for your customers that helps to receive more reviews. If you are interested in learning how to configure the aggregated review forms, it is recommended to start with this tutorial: How to Set Up Review Form Templates.

In this article, we will discuss how to add questions for general shop reviews in addition to questions for product reviews. The process of doing it is different for Basic and Advanced review forms.

How to Add Shop Reviews to Basic Review Forms

If you are using Basic review forms (available in the Free version), then it is possible to add a single question about your store on aggregated review forms. To do that, Shop Rating checkbox on Review Reminder tab in our plugin's settings on your WordPress site must be enabled. The question will have a predefined wording and look like shown on the image below.

How to Add Shop Reviews to Advanced Review Forms

If you are using Advanced review forms (available in the Pro version), then there is more flexibility with adding general questions about store. First of all, it is necessary to pick an appropriate form type in your account at cusrev.com:

  • 'Shop and Product' to include questions about both a store and products
  • 'Shop' to include questions only about a store

Next, it is possible to add one or more general questions about your shop using interactive user interface as shown on the image below.

When you are done with setting up questions on the review form, please do not forget to save and enable it. After you enable the Advanced review form template, it will override the review form settings from the WordPress plugin.