Referral marketing is one of the most cost-effective ways to acquire new customers. It is based on the idea that your current customers can bring in (or refer) new customers. The problem is that it is not easy for them to do so. We help your customers to spread the word by recommending products from your store with their public reviews to customers from other stores that also use Cusrev plugin.

Product recommendations will be based on reviews. This will enable your happy customers to spread the word and attract new customers to your store. This feature is part of our effort to help small e-commerce stores compete with the likes of Amazon, that has integrated recommendations into nearly every part of their purchasing process.

How does it work?

We will show relevant products and reviews from your store as recommendations to customers who bought something at another store. In exchange, product recommendations from other stores will be displayed on review forms created for your store.

License typeTrust badgesWhat will be displayed on your review forms?Will your products be recommended to customers of other stores?
Free (or no license)OffProduct recommendations from other storesNot eligible to be shown on review forms of other stores
OnProduct recommendations from other storesEligible to be shown on review forms of other stores
ProOffNo product recommendationsNot eligible to be shown on review forms of other stores
OnProduct recommendations from your storeNot eligible to be shown on review forms of other stores


Every time a product from your store is shown as a recommendation on another store’s review form, that store “earns” the right to have one of their products recommended on a review form of some other store (including yours).

Are there any requirements?

If you would like your products to be recommended to customers from other stores, trust badges need to be enabled for your store. Trust badges are necessary to provide public URLs of reviews and products.

How to track views, clicks, and conversions?

You can track how many times your products were displayed as recommendations and how many times customers clicked on them. You can also track sales from product recommendations, if you activate customer referrals tracking in the plugin's setting on your website ('Referral Program' tab). All tracking statistics can be viewed on 'Referrals' page of your dashboard at

What if I have a Pro license?

If you have a Pro license and activate Trust badges, product recommendations will be picked from your store only. However, your products will NOT be recommended to customers from other stores. We are evaluating the possibility of letting stores with Pro licenses participate in the cross-store product recommendations, but it is not possible at this moment.

More questions?

If you have questions or suggestions about product recommendations, please do get in touch with us by creating a new support ticket.