The standard WooCommerce functionality includes review forms on product pages. Depending on settings in WordPress and WooCommerce, logged-in users and guests can submit product reviews via these forms. Here is an example of a standard WooCommerce review form on a product page:

A common problem with these forms is that it is very easy to submit SPAM reviews. SPAMmers can use automated scripts to generate thousands of fake reviews that will flood the website. There are several ways to solve this problem and prevent SPAM reviews.

Discussion settings in WordPress

Since reviews in WooCommerce are based on standard WordPress comments, WordPress Discussion settings also apply to WooCommerce product reviews. Go to Settings > Discussion and tick 'Users must be registered and logged in to comment' checkbox to hide review forms from guests. It is not a 100% protection from SPAM because somebody can create an account on your website and still submit SPAM reviews but at least this will prevent people without an account from writing reviews.

Reviews settings in WooCommerce

In addition to WordPress Discussion settings, WooCommerce has its own settings for product reviews. Go to WooCommerce > Settings > Products and tick 'Reviews can only be left by "verified owners"' checkbox to hide review forms from logged-in users who never purchased a particular product. This is already a much better protection from SPAM but it still doesn't completely remove review forms from product pages. So, somebody who purchased a product once, can then leave an unlimited number of reviews for this product.

Reviews settings in our plugin

Our plugin (optionally) offers and an alternative way to display reviews on product pages with CusRev interface approach instead of the standard WordPress pagination. If you enable "CusRev interface" for reviews, then there is also an option to completely remove review forms from product pages. Go to Reviews > Settings > Review Extensions and untick 'Review Form' checkbox while also making sure that Visual Style: CusRev (enhanced user interface) is selected. This will remove review forms from product pages and nobody will be able to submit a review without receiving and invitation with a secret link to an aggregated review form.

Hopefully, this article answered how to remove 'Leave a Review' forms from product pages in WooCommerce. If you are experiencing difficulties using our plugin or website, you are encouraged to post your queries on our support forum. If you have a professional license, please open a ticket and our support team will promptly assist you to resolve any issues.