After a customer submits an aggregated review form (What is an Aggregated Review Form?), the form attempts to post reviews to WooCommerce. If transmission of reviews to WooCommerce fails, the store owner will receive an automatic notification to the email address specified in Email for Notifications field on Review Reminder tab of the plugin's settings. The notification will include all available information about the error.

Here we provide troubleshooting tips for common errors and potential solutions.

Errors 401, 403

If you received error codes 401 or 403, it means that something blocks REST API in WordPress on your site. It could be a security plugin or a custom code snippet in functions.php that disables REST API.

Please check plugins installed on your WordPress site that might potentially restrict REST API. If there is any plugin blocking REST API, you should update its configuration to allow inbound REST API calls that transmit customer reviews from the aggregated review forms to your site. Depending on the security plugin you use, there are different ways to do it. For example:

  • Completely disable blocking of REST API. It is usually the easiest solution but it will open not just REST API endpoints for our plugin but also the standard WordPress REST API endpoints and endpoints of other plugins you might have installed on your site.
  • Add the IP address of review forms to a whitelist in the settings of the security plugin. If the security plugin offers an option to add specific IP addresses to the whitelist, try adding the following IP address: It is the IP address of review forms that sends customer reviews to your store.
  • Disable blocking of REST API for the endpoint of our plugin only. If the security plugin offers an option to block and unblock specific REST API endpoints, try unblocking the following endpoint: /ivole/. It is the endpoint of our plugin that is used to receive customer reviews.
  • Whitelist URL of the REST API endpoint. The URL will depend on the domain of your website and will look like this: {website domain}/wp-json/ivole/*

If you don't have any security plugins installed on your site, please also check the custom code that you might have in your theme's functions.php file. Any code that blocks REST API should be adjusted to allow either the IP address of review forms (see above) or REST API endpoint used by our plugin (also see above).

Examples of Security Plugins

Here are some examples of security plugins that can block REST API and block transmission of reviews. This list is by no means complete because new plugins are published every week.

How to re-post reviews that could not be transmitted?

If you fixed the problem with transmission of reviews to WooCommerce, it is possible to re-send the reviews that failed. To do this, go to your account at and navigate to Reviews page. There, you will see a list of reviews. If a review could not be successfully posted to WooCommerce from the first time, you will be able to re-send it using WooCommerce button as shown on the screenshot below.