The enhanced visual style for display of reviews on WooCommerce product pages and with the [cusrev_all_reviews] shortcode includes a search bar like shown on the image below.


If you don't have too many reviews to display and would like to hide the search bar, it is possible to do it with a simple CSS code snippet:

.cr-ajax-search { display: none !important; }

You should add this CSS snippet to your website. Generally, there are three ways to do it:

  1. Theme settings - If your theme has an option for adding custom CSS rules, you can simply paste the CSS rules into that option, save the theme settings, and refresh the page.
  2. Style.css in a Child Theme - If you decide to add the CSS snippet to the style.css file of your child theme, you need to insert them in the file and upload the file to your website. After that, you can refresh the page to see that the search bar is hidden from the reviews in WooCommerce.
  3. Custom CSS Plugin - If you decide to use a third-party plugin for adding custom CSS, then you need to check documentation about using that plugin to understand where to put the CSS snippet.

Possible Problems

If you have any caching or performance optimization plugins installed on your site, it is strongly recommended to temporarily disable them. Otherwise, they might cause all kinds of weird issues and break your custom CSS. You should be able to enable the caching plugins again after verifying that your custom CSS snippet for hiding the search bar is working correctly.

More Questions?

We hope that this tutorial was helpful. If you have any questions about the plugin, please don't hesitate to post them on our support forum or submit a ticket for our support team (available for customers with Pro licenses).