What is CusRev

CusRev, short for Customer Reviews, is an online platform that hosts reviews for businesses. It is designed to help consumers make informed decisions about where to spend their money by providing a space where they can read and write reviews about companies they have interacted with.

CusRev offers businesses a voluntary scheme for verification of reviews. Businesses could invite customers to review their recent orders using an open source plugin for e-commerce stores developed and maintained by CusRev. Verified copies of reviews written by customers in response to the invitations are published on CusRev.com. Businesses cannot edit or delete verified copies of reviews.

How Does CusRev Work

After a business has delivered goods and/or services to a customer, they can use CusRev to invite the customer to write a review about their order. The customer will receive a personalized invitation to review the items they purchased. If the customer decides to accept the invitation and write reviews, CusRev will publish verified copies of the reviews on CusRev.com and transmit them to the business, allowing the business to address any issues raised in the reviews.