Our plugin has a feature to filter reviews by rating. For example, show all '5 star' reviews or show all '3 star' reviews. This feature uses a URL parameter ivrating to tell WordPress website which reviews to show. Search engines might index this URL parameter because they want to know everything about your website.

If you would like to remove pages with ivrating URL parameter from the search engine index, please either use a SEO plugin or manually add the following line in the robots.txt file of your website:

Disallow: /*?ivrating*

It is recommended to remove the ivrating URL parameter from the search engines index ONLY if you have specific concerns about indexing confirmed by a knowledgable SEO consultant. Otherwise, it is best to let search engines to decide themselves how to index pages with the ivrating URL parameter. For example, Google depreciated their URL parameter removal tool in 2022 because their crawlers are able to deal with URL parameters automatically: https://developers.google.com/search/blog/2022/03/url-parameters-tool-deprecated..

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