The plugin has a feature to display a floating Trust Badge with a summary of verified reviews. The floating Trust Badge can be enabled in the plugin's settings (Trust Badges tab) and will look like shown on the screenshot below.

By default, the floating Trust Badge will be shown on all pages of a website when viewed from a desktop computer. The floating Trust Badge will not be shown to visitors who view the website from a phone because of the small screen size.

If you would like to hide the floating Trust Badge from certain pages even on desktop, it is necessary to add a custom code snippet to the functions.php file in your current WordPress theme. It is important to do the modification in a child theme and make a full backup beforehand. The code snippet to be added could be like this:

function my_cr_floatingtrustbadge_hide() {
  $current_post_id = get_the_ID();
  // replace '526' with a post id from your site
  if( 526 === $current_post_id ) {
    // return 'true' to hide the floating trust badge
    return true;
  // return 'false' to display the floating trust badge
  return false;
 add_filter( 'cr_floatingtrustbadge_hide', 'my_cr_floatingtrustbadge_hide' );