The plugin provides an option to enable additional fields to maintain product identifiers such as GTIN, MPN, and Brand in WooCommerce products. These product identifiers can then be used in Google Shopping XML feeds.

If you enable these product identifiers on Product Identifies tab on Google page in the plugin's menu and then also populate values for these identifiers in WooCommerce product details, the plugin will save them in the database. You can find these identifiers in the wp_postmeta table (if you have a custom table prefix, use it instead of wp) of WordPress database using product ID as post_id. Then, look for rows with these meta_key values:

  • _cr_gtin for GTIN
  • _cr_mpn for MPN
  • _cr_brand for Brand

Tools like phpMyAdmin provided by hosting providers can be used to query WordPress database. Alternatively, the product attributes can be retrieved using PHP and get_meta method called on a WC_Product object.