Our plugins has a feature to detect duplicate (staging or sandbox) sites and disable sending of automatic review reminders from staging sites. This feature is necessary to prevent sending two review reminders about the same WooCommerce order from two sites: live and staging. If two review reminders are sent for the same order, the customer will be confused which one to use for writing their review. If the customer picks the reminder sent from the staging site, their review will be posted only to the staging site but not to the live site.

When our plugin detects duplicate sites, it will display a message in WordPress admin like this:

It looks like this site has moved or is a duplicate site. Customer Reviews for WooCommerce has disabled sending automatic review reminder emails on this site to prevent duplicate reminders from a staging or test environment.


This message might not appear if it was previously dismissed or there is some plugin (like "WP Disable") that suppresses all the notifications in WordPress admin.

The plugin might confuse live and staging sites when you install it on the staging site first or do some recovery from the staging site. After that the plugin thinks that your live site is a staging site and stops automatic sending of review reminders. You may also notice that the checkbox "Enable Automatic Reminders" on the Review Reminder tab of the plugin's settings becomes unchecked.

If this happened on your live site, please follow these steps to mark your live site as "live":

1. Navigate to the Diagnostics page in the plugin's menu.

2. Press on "This is not a duplicate site" button.

3. Clear all the caches and transients.

After completing these steps, the checkbox "Enable Automatic Reminders" should stop unchecking on the live site. Please also do not forget to disable automatic review reminders on your staging site.

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