The plugin offers an option to add GTIN, MPN, and Brand fields to WooCommerce products. These fields are then included into the structured data snippet that is indexed by search engines like Google. Besides including these fields into the structured data snippet, the plugin also outputs them on a single product page.

When these fields are displayed on a product page, they are separated with HTML <br> tag that makes sure each of the fields is displayed on a separate line. If your WordPress theme has some CSS rules that already make GTIN, MPN, and Brand fields displayed separately, it is possible to use a filter to completely remove <br> tag or to replace it with something else.

The name of the filter is 'cr_productids_separator'. Here is sample code to remove <br> tag using this filter:

function example_callback( $example ) {
    // Maybe modify $example in some way.
    return '';
add_filter( 'cr_productids_separator', 'example_callback' );

This code can be added to functions.php file of your current theme.