The default setting of the plugin is to use WP Cron for scheduling automatic review reminders. However, WP Cron might not be very reliable with certain hosting providers. As a result, it will skip events and some review reminders will not be properly scheduled and sent.

CR Cron was created as a replacement for WP Cron for websites that experience issues with WP Cron. It is an external service managed by CR for scheduling and sending review invitations / reminders. A valid license key (free or pro) is required to use CR Cron.

How to Enable and Use CR Cron

  1. Make sure that a valid license key (free or pro) is entered on the "License Key" tab in the plugin's settings.
  2. Select "Independently Verified" for the option "Verified Reviews" on the "Review Reminder" tab in the plugin's settings. 
  3. Select "CR Cron" for the option "Reminders Scheduler" on the same page.
  4. After an order is marked as "Completed" or moved to another status that is configured to be the trigger for sending review reminders, the plugin use CR Cron for scheduling a new review invitation (reminder). You can see it on the standard "Orders" page in WooCommerce menu.
  5. Tip: if you do not see "Actions" and "Review Reminder" columns on the "Orders" page, please make sure that they are enabled in "Screen Options" menu (in the top right corner).
  6. After a review reminder was scheduled via CR Cron, you can view and manage it in your account on CR website.

How to Configure Country-Specific Sending Delays

CR Cron supports country-specific delays for sending review reminders. This option enables you can configure a sending delays of 5 days for orders from country A but a sending delay of 20 days for orders from country B. Delivery times often vary between countries and it is useful to have an option for customizing sending delay for each country where you ship orders.