A mandatory prerequisite for using store reviews is that a 'Shop page' is configured on the 'Products' tab in the standard WooCommerce settings (WooCommerce > Settings). You can use any suitable page for this setting.

How to Display Store Reviews in WooCommerce

The plugin supports collection of both product reviews and general store reviews. Unlike product reviews, WooCommerce does not provide any standard place to show shop reviews.

Our plugin saves store reviews against the WooCommerce 'Shop' page using the standard WooCommerce reviews format. If you would like to display store reviews someone on the frontend of your site, please use the shortcodes provided with the plugin. You can see the available shortcodes and supported arguments on the 'Review Extensions' tab in the plugin's settings (Reviews > Settings > Review Extensions).

These shortcodes can be placed on different pages of a website as well as inside widgets. Here is a minimal example of a shortcode that displays only store reviews:

[cusrev_all_reviews number="0"]