Aggregated review forms are hosted on domain. However, some businesses are interested in a possibility to use their own domains for aggregated review forms.

Early versions of the plugin did not use the concept of aggregated review forms but sent customers directly to product pages to write reviews. Unfortunately, it did not work well because review conversion rates were very low and visitors thought that shops created fake positive reviews. To solve these problems, aggregated review forms hosted on a third-party domain were introduced.

It is not possible to change domain of aggregated review forms. Even though some businesses might think that they need to have review forms located on their own domains and servers, our experience of managing customer reviews tells that they most likely will not benefit from it. Let us explain why a combination of a third-party domain and a world class infrastructure from Amazon is the preferred option for review forms.

Verification of Reviews

Reviews are helpful only when visitors find them trustworthy. Nobody wants to buy based on a lie. A problem with WooCommerce reviews is that they can be easily modified by shop owners. Potential customers perceive shop owners to be biased and often doubt if they updated or created reviews themselves. A business cannot prove that reviews published on their WooCommerce website are genuine unless there is some kind of verification by an independent third-party. A third-party domain for hosting review forms is a simple yet effective solution for verification of reviews. The review forms have a capability to capture copies of reviews before they are transmitted to WooCommerce. These copies can then be optionally used to confirm authenticity of reviews in WooCommerce.

Page Load Speed

Page load speed is one of the most important metrics online. Customers do not like waiting while a slow page finishes loading and simply close it. If a review form loads slowly, there will not be many reviews. Unfortunately, most WordPress sites don’t load very fast and make review process displeasing. The plugin solves this problem by hosting review forms as static HTML files on Amazon servers (AWS) with CDN which enables blazing fast page load speed.

Optimization for Mobile Devices

Many customers read their emails on phones and other mobile devices. It is therefore essential that review forms are 100% responsive and optimized for mobile browsers. Isolation of review forms from WordPress ensures that there are no conflicts with CSS introduced by a theme or other plugins and that the review forms look and work exactly as they were designed.

Upload of Media Files

A lot of hosting companies limit size of files that can be uploaded to WordPress sites. As a consequence, we used to receive many questions about issues with uploading files to WordPress sites. This problem was solved by creating an option to upload media files on review forms that are hosted on AWS. Aggregated review forms have generous upload limits and upload works out of the box.