Google Shopping is a service from Google that allows customers to search for products on e-commerce websites and compare prices between different vendors (Wikipedia article). Merchants need to sign up for an account in Google Merchant Center to be able to upload their product listings to Google Shopping.

Google Shopping supports display of product reviews along with product listings. Google Product Review Feeds let content providers send product reviews to Google Shopping. Our plugin enables you to automatically generate XML Product Review Feed for Google Shopping and this article will explain how to configure it.

In certain countries, Google Shopping requires a minimum of 50 reviews across all of your products to accept the feed.


Google Merchant Center Account

If you don’t have an account for Google Merchant Center, please create one.

Product Feed for Google Shopping

Google Shopping requires e-commerce stores to submit Product Feeds with information about products. Google Shopping will display products from your shop based on the information in the feed. Google Merchant support website provides a detailed guidance about creating and submitting product feeds (see Create a Feed) via Google Merchant Center.

You need to configure and submit a Product Feed to Google Merchant Center before adding a Product Review Feed. A product feed can be configured on Google page in the plugin's settings.

Product Review Feed for Google Shopping

After you configured and submitted a Product Feed to Google Shopping, you can add information about product reviews for your shop. Google Product Review Feeds let store owners send product reviews to Google Shopping. Our plugin can automatically generate an XML Product Review Feed that is ready for submission to Google Merchant Center.

How to Configure Product Review Feed Generation

Product Review Feed consists of product identifiers (GTINs, MPNs, SKUs and brand names) and associated reviews. It is important that product identifiers are unique and the same as in the Product Feed that you generated with one of third-party plugins (see previous section). For more information about product identifiers, please refer to the Google Merchant Center article: about unique product identifiers.

Fields Mapping for Product Identifiers

The first step in the configuration of Product Review Feed generation is to let our plugin know which product identifiers should be included in the XML feed. Unfortunately, the standard WooCommerce doesn’t include product fields to store identifiers such as GTINs or MPNs required by Google Merchant Center. For this reason, our plugin extends standard WooCommerce products and add custom fields to store product identifiers.

It is up to you to decide which product identifiers you are going to use in your store. Google recommends to use as many identifiers as possible. The important thing is that you should use the same identifiers for your Product Feed (see previous section) and Product Review Feed.

Our plugin enables you to specify mapping between the custom fields with product identifiers and the fields on the Product Review Feed. Go to Google page in the plugin’s menu, navigate to Reviews tab, and select appropriate options from the drop-down fields (Fields Mapping) and save settings.

Generate and Submit Product Review Feed

Next, enable Generate Product Review Feed checkbox and save settings. You will see URL of the file with an XML Product Review Feed for your store in the field File URL.

You should submit URL of the XML Product Review Feed in Google Merchant Center and wait until it gets reviewed by Google.

Why Product Review Feed Doesn’t Include All Reviews?

In certain cases, you might notice that the Product Review Feed doesn’t include all reviews that exist in your WooCommerce store. This is due to the fact that Google don’t accept “rating-only” reviews. Our plugin excludes reviews that consist only from a rating without a comment to satisfy this requirement of Google.