If you enable "Automatic Reminders" option, the plugin will automatically send review invitations to customers after their orders are marked as "completed" and certain number of days. You can configure sending delay and who is going to receive review invitations on the Review Reminder tab in the settings of the plugin.

If automatic reminders are not being sent for some or all orders, please use the following checklist for troubleshooting the problem.

  1. Is Enable Automatic Reminders checkbox active in the settings of the plugin?
  2. Are reminders enabled for all categories of products or only for some of them? If reminders are enabled only for specific categories of products, does the customer order include at least one product that belongs to one of these categories?
  3. Are reminders enabled for all user roles or only some of them? If reminders are enabled only for specific roles, does the customer have one of these roles?
  4. Is there a note in the order with information about scheduled reminder? You can view order notes by going to WooCommerce > Orders menu and opening a screen with details of the order. Order notes are usually located in a sidebar on the right as shown below:
  5. If there is a note about successfully scheduled review reminder but you don't see the reminder in the list of scheduled reminders located at Reviews > Reminders, please check if you have any plugins that might interfere with creating new WP cron events. The following plugins are known to cause issues in some cases:

If none of these tips helped you to resolve the issue, please don't hesitate to contact us on the support forum or submit a ticket for our support team (available for customers with premium licenses).