Besides sending automatic review reminders, the plugin also supports sending manual review reminders. This feature can be useful in different situations. For example, you can send manual review reminders for some of the old orders in your shop that were completed before you installed our plugin.

Here is how to send manual review reminders:

  1. Make sure that the checkbox Enable Manual Reminders is ticked on Review Reminder tab in the plugin's settings.
  2. Go to the standard WooCommerce page with orders (WooCommerce > Orders).
  3. In the table with customer orders, you should see these columns: Actions and Review Reminder.
  4. If you don't see one of these columns, click on Screen Options button in top right corner of the page and check that these columns are enabled for display.
  5. If an order has Completed status (or other custom status that you configured in the plugin's settings), there will be a button with an "envelope" icon in the Actions column.
  6. Click this button to manually send a review reminder.
  7. Review Reminder column will show how many reminders have been sent for each order.

Customer Consent

If you would like to send a review reminder for an old order but the "envelope" button doesn't appear, check if you enabled Customer Consent option in the plugin's settings (Review Reminder tab). If it is an old order, the customer did not have an opportunity to consent to receiving a review reminder because our plugin was not installed at that time. In this case, the only option to send a review reminder for the old order is to temporary disable Customer Consent checkbox in the plugin's settings.